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Ok…NO… the house is not gay but it does happen to be located on West Gay Avenue in York PA.  Here it is for you to check out.  Once you’ve seen the VIDEO keep reading for further details.


There aren’t too many weird street names here in York but hey when I find one like this, I have to mention it in the headline don’t you think? Who knows, I may not get another cheap house in York PA on a weird street name so I’m taking full advantage.

Though the street name could be a little amusing, there’s nothing funny about the money you can make with this cheap house for sale in York PA. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a good rental property in York PA, this could be a great start to the new year.

How come you ask?

Well simply put, this York PA rental property just recently appraised for $42,000 but you can buy it for only $25,700.

That’s a 39% Discount from it’s full retail value.

If you want a great plan or idea on this one. Here goes…

Buy this home for $25,700, get a renter in there for $785/mnth and then simply go to a bank and refinance the property. Assuming it appraises for the same value it did in January of 2014 – $42,000 – you should be able to get a 80% loan to value on this one. That’s a loan of around $33,600. Assuming you only pay $25,700 for the

home, you could get your whole investment back plus some extra cash by simply refinancing the home. This is a business model that a tremendous amount of real estate investors in York PA are using.

You should definitely consider it.

The home is a pretty large 5 bdrm home with 1.5 bathrooms and has some great positive features such as:

– newer furnace
– newer water heater
– newer electric
– inspected roof
– newer windows in 80% of the home; and
– off-street parking spots for at least 3 cars ( a huge selling feature in the York PA real estate market )

As such, if you’re a serious real estate investor and looking for true wholesale real estate deals in York County PA, then this is one York PA rental property you don’t want to overlook.

The wholesale price is great and it needs very little cosmetic work and there’s solid proof that the home is worth way more than what you can buy it for.

If you want more details on this home and other wholesale real estate in York PA, make sure to Click Here ==> RehabVault.com <== and get on our VIP Buyer’s List.

See you there!

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