Turn-Key Rental House York PA – only $19,700!

Alright…if you’re here, you’re looking for Homes in York PA for Sale and I presume you’d prefer them to have have bargain prices.  Am I right?

I thought so!

Here’s the good news.  York PA houses compared to other areas in this county happen to be great bargains to begin with.  But coupled with the fact I’m a wholesaler specializing in bargain York PA real estate, you’re definitely in luck because right here at HomesInYorkPAForSale.com you’re going to find some of the best bargains when it comes to wholesale priced real estate.

And I’m going to reveal and show you a VIDEO of one right now.

It’s a 3bdrm home located at 659 W. College Avenue which is right opposite a major employer in York PA called Dentsply.  If you don’t know them, they’re one of the nation’s biggest dental supply companies – but that’s a different story!

Anyway, the home’s got 3bdrms and is in rental ready condition.  You don’t need to do anything this home but find yourself a suitable tenant.  In fact, there’s already a tenant in the property but he’s related to the owner so he isn’t paying ‘market’ rent which should be closer to around $650/month.

As for rental houses for sale in York PA, this is definitely a good one considering it’s current rental-ready condition and it’s close proximity to a major local employer which will make this property very easy to keep rented.  And like was mentioned before…the condition of this home is good.

And get this…the price is only $19,700 for a turn-key rental property.  Now..that’s cheap.

Check out the VIDEO below to get a quick glimpse at what this looks like and then visit http://RehabVault.com where you’ll get more details and access to other bargain homes in York PA for sale just like this one & once you do, you’ll get automatic notification whenever I have bargain York PA real estate.

I have a killer deal coming up in West York School District – a very desirable area in York PA.


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