Real Estate Investment in York PA Needs a Landlord who knows a Slam Dunk Deal

If I’m not out looking for real estate investments in York I’m usually reading a good book or checking out some inspirational quotes. As such, today I thought I’d share a great one with you. Here’s your…


“Once you say you’re going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life.”
– John F. Kennedy

That’s pretty powerful. So for a change, here’s to settling for FIRST instead.

Why don’t you be the first to get in touch with me and pick up this nice wholesale real estate investment in the Avenues area of York. This will make a great rental investment property.

As you can tell this rental property is pretty big and has some of the best features for making it very appealing to keep as a real estate investment.

These include:

1) nice location
2) easy rehab
3) large property
4) brick
5) 5 bdrms – perfect for appealing to more people;
6) private parking 1 car garage; and
7) good rental rate – for a brick home in this location with private 1 car garage, you should easily be able to get $695-$795. I have a smaller 4 bdrm home near York College (no garage) that I rent for $775.

And the best part is the


$24,700 even though Zillow values it at $50,029, Eppraisal at $63,599, Real Quest at $73,000 and Trulia at $45,000

This investment property will go quick. If I don’t hear from you by the end of this weekend, I plan on simply going through my phone contacts and personally calling real estate investors that I know who specifically invest in the avenues area. Most of these real estate investors are picking up investment property in the $30,000+ range in this area so I doubt this wholesale property will stick around too much longer.

If you’re interested and can make a decision by this weekend, get in touch with me right away please. To get my contact information, visit

To check it out for yourself and maybe do a drive by, here’s the address.


Click Cheap Houses for Sale York PA for full details


Click on now and get the address and then plug it into your GPS and do a drive by but before you do that, plug it into your home value estimators to confirm what I told you above. Once you realize this is a smoking deal with some great rental income potential, contact me and buy it.

Like John Kennedy says, stop settling for second and be the first to make this happen for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully you see serious value in this wholesale investment property in York PA.

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