Super Cheap Commercial Real Estate Apartment Complex in York PA for Sale – Must Sell!


Alright, I’m doing something a little different for this “apartment complex” and this could be your opportunity to pick up a 5 unit real estate investment building for a super-low price, check out the VIDEO now.

Make sure you read on after seeing the video because you’re the BOSS on this one and you get to determine the price???!!!


What you have above is a 5 unit apartment complex. 4 residential apartments and 1 commercial office space. The commercial space is fully open so you can make it into anything you possibly want. Of course it needs some cleaning up first.

The “cash-flow” potential on this real estate investment could be huge. The apartments are all 1 bdrm but they are very nice sizes. I have a 4 unit apartment complex myself on Queen Street and the 1bd apartments there are efficiencies and I rent them for $475, $495 and $520.

The fact this apartment building has apartments that are bigger means you should easily be able to get $495-$550 for each.

The commercial office space should easily rent for $600 or so a month.

All totaled up, you could be looking at $2,600/month in gross rental income.

You don’t want to ignore this investment property’s potential but there are some important details to consider.

For example, the building right now only has 1 heat source and 1 water heater so there’s going to be some expense in separating the utilities OR you could decide to charge more in rent and just cover the utilities for the tenants. I know a ton of landlords/investors who choose that route with their investment property.

It’s your call.

Regardless of how you choose to proceed here’s the best part.


My plan is to basically auction this property off by next weekend. I’m gearing up to have a lot of investors come through next weekend and I’m going to take the highest offer.

I do have a bottom line number of only (click for details) and with the amount of investors out there, I plan on getting that pretty easily but you have a UNIQUE opportunity over all other real estate investors.

Because you’re here checking out this blog, you get a chance to privately make me an offer on this property before I open it up to the public next Saturday.

If your offer is good enough and above my bottom line number and you’re the high bidder, you could end up walking away with a solid brick 5 unit commercial real estate building.

Sound fair?


Either visit right now for further details including the starting price of the AUCTION (it’s super-low) OR call a Toll FREE 24 hr Rec. Msg. for details 1-877-814-3282 x81.

IMPORTANT: No matter which route you decide to go, make sure you call the Toll FREE number above because that’s how I’ll get access to your contact information in order to inform you about the auction time and date.

This property will be SOLD by this weekend to the highest bidder so please move quick. I predict a lot of people having interest on this once the public is open to it.

Remember, for further details including the address of the property, click on right away and then make sure to call Toll FREE 1-877-814-3282 x81 and leave your contact information if you want to be included in the Auction.

This could be the cheapest commercial real estate apartment complex you’ve seen in years so please act now.

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Must Sell Fast – Cheap Home Tunkhannock PA Wyoming County

Tunkhannock PA Real Estate – who would have ever thought I would have found a cheap home for sale in Tunkhannock PA.  Until 3 days ago, I didn’t know a single thing about Tunkhannock PA Real Estate but very soon found out that this has good rental potential.

Now, since this is a real estate investment is in Wyoming County PA, it’s not going to appeal to most York County investors so I’ll make this one short and sweet.  Basically I have a contract on a property in Tunkhannock PA near Scranton PA.  What attracted me to this property was the fact that cheap homes in this area have great rental rates.

You could easily rent this place for like $800-$1100 month since it’s a single family home.  1 bdrm apartments are renting for $800 in this area.

Why so much?  Well…this area is gas/shale/oil country and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you realize that the marcellus shale region has a huge boom in jobs.  There’s a lot of people who have moved up there with jobs and now they need places to live.

AND it’s typical to have “Gas Leases” on properties in the area too.

Local gas companies who are drilling in the area basically will pay you to use their land.  Sometimes you hit gold when this happens but it’s hit or miss.

Either way, the property has some good rental potential for sure.


$45,000 even though the value of the home fixed up is around $90,000


6 StoneCrest Lane or Road (it’s just off Stonecrest Road)
Tunkhannock, PA 18657
Wyoming County


Check out the VIDEO above now and get in touch if you’re ready to pick up a home for $45,000 with the rental potential of $800-$1100/month.

Cost of living is cheap up there.  Property has a well and septic system so no utility costs there!

I hope you enjoy this even though it’s not part of Homes in York PA for Sale!

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Off to Taj Mahal in India & Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Awe-Inspring Pictures!

Hey there…this is Mikk from Homes In York PA for Sale and today I’m not writing about any properties because I’m just too excited because tomorrow I leave for India and Dubai.

Though I’ve been there before it’s different this time since I’m taking a good friend along.  It’s always a cool experience exposing friends and family to totally new experiences so I’m looking forward to seeing how my friend Matt reacts once he see’s the likes of the Taj Mahal and Burj Khalifa below.

Check these pictures out.

Alright, I’m off for now.  I know you probably came here looking for cheap properties so I’m sorry to disappoint but if you’re ready to see some properties now, Click Here ==> RehabVault <== See you there!

Bye for now and I’ll be blogging again soon.

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7 Reasons this York PA Real Estate Investment is gone by the weekend!

Homes in York PA for Sale is happy to reveal 7 reasons this investment property is gone by this weekend.

(1) Located on a very quiet one-way street;
(2) NO neighbors across the street but a nice river/creek –
maybe it’s a sewer 😉 but it’s still nice looking;
(3) Very close to the new baseball stadium;
(4) Brand-new charter school across the street;
(5) Look out the front window and you see some serious
revitalization in the city – this place is just getting
better and better every day;
(6) Great rental property and location;
(7) Light cosmetic repairs – NOT a full rehab;


(8 crap I said 7 reasons dint I)

BAAM – what you care about most…


==> $13,700 even though it’s worth $40,300

This real estate investment will go quick and it’s 1st come 1st served. The 1st person who commits to me for full prices on these houses for sale in York PA and puts their money where their mouth is get’s this home.


Click Here to visit Rehab Vault for full details and how to gain access.


Check it out now. Not in 5 minutes or tomorrow. Today! I promise this York PA real estate investment will be gone by this weekend. Any serious investor is going to snatch this bargain fixer upper home up quick.

Walk….Drive…NO Run to the outside of this investment property and inspect the area from the outside. Do NOT bother the lady inside because she still lives there. Once you like the outside, contact me and we’ll set up an interior inspection.

Do it now.

If you have some burning questions about this real estate investment property click here ==> Rehab Vault <==


RehabVault Mikk

PS. Did you see this wholesale real estate deal is a Brick home. Solid structure and furnace and water heater are all good too.

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Cheap House for Sale in Red Lion PA – Real Cheap – Only $35,000 CA$H

I am excited to bring you yet another cheap house for
sale in Red Lion PA

Bottom line! If you’re a $ERIOUS buyer looking for great real estate investment properties, you’re going to love this fixer upper home.

Here’s the deal on this home for sale in Red Lion PA. It’s located in a Rural setting next to huge farm. The are is very peaceful and serene.

The home’s got 1620 sq. ft with 3 bdrms. It’s a rancher style home which is perfect for anyone looking for one floor living. It doesn’t look like a rancher when you first see it but it is.

The home’s value, based on recent sales within a 3 mile radius is…

WORTH ==> $130,000 to $150,000

If I include other sales that are just about to settle, you’d think I’m lying but there’s 2 other properties that are pending sales and they’re selling for $137,900 and $142,900 and their sq. footage is
1028 (that’s small compared to this home) and 1392 sq. ft.

As you can see, a home almost 600 sq. ft smaller than this is selling for $137,900. That’s huge for this property.

But guess what you can buy this property for?

Wait for it…wait for it…

BOOM ==> $35,000 <==

No joke! But of course there’s a catch and here it is. This home is a FULL REHAB.

It was struck by lightning and at this point there’s a lot that needs to be done on this real estate investment.

Can you handle it?

If so…you could make a killing on this property.

Here’s the VIDEO…check it out and click on ==> RehabVault <== for  details on how to contact me.

This real estate investment must settle quick. Once you prove to me you’re serious, I’ll give you details to get inside this property and
inspect it.

You need to be able to settle with CASH and close within 2 weeks. Title is all clean and this home is ready to close in 5 days if you

PS. A lot of the hardwork is already done for this home. You don’t have to do much clean up at all. Just come in and start rehabbing.

PPS. I have 2 more properties coming to you within the next 2 days. I’ve been a busy little boy! Make sure you check back over here
at Homes in York PA for Sale!

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Real Estate Investment CA$H. Unlimited Supply is Waiting for you! See VIDEO Inside!

Here at homes in york pa for sale my number one goal is to provide you highly discounted real estate. Typically the properties you find here will be fixer upper properties perfect for investment real estate.

By now you’ve already seen some killer deals. Unfortunately not everyone can buy all the real estate bargains I have here at Homes in York PA for Sale simply because they don’t have access to the cash they need to buy these real estate investments.

But that’s about to change right now!

This post could be the best one you’ve read. But beware because you might not be ready for it but I still want to share it with you because the VIDEO I stumbled on below will blow you away.

Simply put, it cracks the code to the biggest problem almost every buyer wanting to buy real estate investments runs into.

How do I get the CASH to buy an investment property and then make some money on it?

Well…what if I told you there was an answer and you can find out right now by ==> Clicking the VIDEO below <==

Get all the Real Estate Investment Cash You need thanks to Homes in York PA for Sale

or clicking ==>

The guy I found in this video has done over 1200 real estate investment deals without using ANY of his money or credit.

He even reveals the

#1 Secret real estate investors don’t want you to know!

It will simply blow you away.

If you’ve ever looked into investment real estate, I guarantee this is the one thing holding you back.

But not any more!!!

I hope this helps and once you get some CASH, call me because I’m always selling wholesale real estate.

For example, I’m currently selling a home for only $12,700 and you can see details about it by clicking on RehabVault.

Remember, the real estate investor in the video above reveals the #1 Secret banks or other real estate investors don’t want you to know. If you knew the secret revealed in the video above, you could snatch up tons of investment real estate right now if you wanted.

I hope you check out this FREE Video. It was just too good not to share with you.



PS. If you want to see what types of cheap Homes in York PA for Sale I have right now, check out RehabVault now.

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1.1 Acre with Creek Cheap House for Sale in Red Lion PA

Homes in York PA for Sale is happy to introduce an extremely cheap house for sale in Red Lion PA with 1.1 Acre of land and a creek going through the property.  This is a Farm House/Country Style Setting home. Value of this investment property per other homes for sale in the area is $120,000-$140,000 but you can buy it for…

ONLY $??,??? (click on >>> Rehab Vault <<< for full details)

Even though other homes have sold for pretty high prices, to be safe, I would expect to sell this property for $110,000-$115,000 which still leaves plenty of room to make money.

Other competing homes are on the market for $129,000; $149,000 and $160,000.  This is your competition.  So as long as you price the house way below them, you’ll be sitting very pretty if you end up snatching up this Cheap House for Sale in Red Lion, PA

You can even see what other investment property in York County have sold for once you visit Rehab Vault.

You’ll be blown away once you see what other homes in red lion pa with 1 acre of land are selling for.

This investment property is in pretty good shape in need of cosmetic repairs only.  Nothing major.

Furnace, Water Heater and 200 Amp Electric service are in good condition.

Comes with a 1 car garage as well.  There is attic space as well and an unfinished basement for extra living space.

Other property investors have bought other homes in the area (details at Rehab Vault ) and paid $68,000 and $70,000 a piece for them so I hope you can appreciate the deal you’re getting on this one.

I haven’t told too many people about this property yet so please let me know if you’re serious and ready to buy. Click on Rehab Vault right now so you don’t miss out on this Cheap Home for Sale in Red Lion, PA.

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Investment Property for Sale in York PA – 2 family home. Brand new Roof All New Windows! $1500/mnth Rental Income!

Ok here’s one of the brilliant investment property homes in York PA for sale I have. Some of you may even remember this foreclosed home from before – it’s what I called the “Tree House” about 8 months ago.


If you remember a huge tree fell through this investment property a little while ago and as such the wholesale property investor who bought it from me a little while back had to do a tremendous amount of work to get it up to the standard it’s in now.

He put a significant amount of cash into this wholesale property and now you can basically pick up this investment property in York PA by simply covering the amount of investment already made into this real estate property.

Here’s the deal. There’s 2 sides to this home. 1 side is pretty much complete. You just need to finish off a couple things and it’s ready for occupancy. The other side however is gutted to the studs in the house and is ready to be worked on.

The property has a brand new roof on it and has brand new windows throughout. The exterior looks fantastic and has new siding.

The property is worth $115,000 but I’m taking offers over…

ONLY >>> $Visit for full details AND it’s First Come First Served.

Get in touch with me if you’re serious and ready to go.

The rents in the area will be around $675-$750 per side. Click on right now for full details.

That’s a potential $1500/month in rent for this investment property for sale in York PA.

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I’m a Sexy Home in York PA for Sale and I know it!

Homes in York PA for Sale is proud to present

“I’m Sexy and I know it…”

And at 9min10secs into the VIDEO BELOW you’ll know exactly why

(you gotto watch)…

but till then let me give you some quick info about this wholesale
real estate investment in York PA.


It’s a 3bdrm 1bath York PA home with a nice tall celing basement which you could convert into some extra living space which would increase the value of this property even more.

The home’s located in Eastern Schools in Hellam township which
is in between York and Wrightsville making it an ideal real estate
investment for anyone looking to buy a country setting home. About
1/2 a mile further down the road is a golf course.

The home needs cosmetic repairs BUT has pretty much a Brand New
Roof as of 2 years ago. There was a roof leak so there’s some
drywall damage from an old roof leak. See VIDEO for details.

The home will need debris clean up, painting, refinishing the
hardwood floors (which will look excellent when done), kitchen and
bathroom updates. The front porch needs some wood repair as

As usual, it’s a money-making wholesale real estate deal which are the only types of real estate investment deals I concentrate on and you’re going to love the price and profit potential on this one.
(click on >>> <<< for details )

It also comes with my usual 30% FREE Equity Guarantee just like
all my wholesale real estate deals do so here are the details.

Per the following appraisal sites this property is worth…

Zillow – $128,875
Realquest – $128,000
Eppraisal – $143,000
Trulia – $125,000
Assessed Value – $112,810

Average all those figures out and you come up with $127,500 as
the value of this home.

Based on what I’m seeing in the area I think that’s fair BUT I would
go with a value of $119,000 for this property instead because I’m always conservative.

However, you’re not going to pay anywhere close to that for this real
estate investment.

Instead, you’re going to get an insane discount because you can
buy these homes for sale in York PA for…

ONLY >>> (click on RehabVault now for FULL details)

That’s a $XX,XXX discount from the estimated value.

I hope that’s a big enough discount for you! Is it???

Check it out now and then contact me if you’re serious about buying
and I’ll give you further details on this and other homes for sale in York PA.

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Profit with Real Estate Investing during Hyperinflation!

This may not seem relevant to Homes in York PA for Sale but it is.  In fact, this interview discusses the very essence of why investing in real estate and cash flow real estate is very important right now.  Please pay attention to this video and consider buying an investment property in York PA right away.  I hope you enjoy this video.

Click Here to take Advantage of Hyperinflation and Become Insanely Wealthy.

Click Here to take Advantage of Hyperinflation and Become Insanely Wealthy.

If you’d like to learn even more about other methods of investing besides real estate investing, check out The Elevation Group Review. This is an educational product I subscribe to and it’s changing my life every day. Enjoy

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