– Steal this “Light” Fixer-Upper Bargain Home in Manchester PA Near Conewago Creek.

Homes in York PA for Sale isn’t only about homes in York PA but other surrounding areas too.  For example, this time I have a cheap house for sale in Manchester PA near Conewago Creek.  If you’re not familiar with the Conewago Creek area of Manchester PA, let me give you a little quick summary.

Basically the area is close to pretty much everything you need yet it has the country-style private setting every one craves.  And to make it even better, the home is located very close to Conewago Creek which makes it a fisherman’s paradise.  The home I have today is a home that needs very little cosmetic repairs.  Yes, the home is a little dirty inside and needs some updating but that’s why you can buy it for a steal.

Other homes like it are selling for average price of $140,000 but if you act fast enough, you can buy this home for ONLY $Click Here to Find Out$ .

That’s a killer price.

As you can see in the VIDEO above, this cheap house for sale in Manchester has a great exterior but the inside could do with some sprucing up.  There is even a 2 bay barn on the property.  (I know it’s not a garage so it sounds weird saying “2 bay” but how else do you describe a barn?  I’m not sure really.  I’m a city boy! 🙂

Anyway, the property location is great as you can see from the video above.  It’s private, quiet and oozes that country-style setting.  The lot is 1/2 acre and it’s level.  If that isn’t enough, some of the best things about this home however are the fact that pretty much all the mechanical or big ticket items in the home have been updated.

For example:

  • New Roof in 2005;
  • Updated 200 Amp Electric;
  • New water lines and pump for the well in 2005;
  • New Water Heater;
  • Septic pumped and inspected in 2013

As you can tell, all the big-ticket items have been taken care of.  As for the furnace, it’s a little dated and could do with replacing at some point in time but for now it works so it’s unnecessary for you to change right away.  The basement isn’t anything to write home about either.  It’s a decent size but it’s a dirt floor so you can’t use it for living space.

As for the rest of this real estate bargain, it just needs a good cleaning and paint.  The kitchen could do with some upgrades.  The cabinets are ok but the vinyl floor needs replaced.  As for the bathroom, you should change the vanity, paint and replace the vinyl floor and you’ll have a great bathroom.  The rest of this investment property needs new paint and carpet and you’re good to go.

In summary, this bargain home is solid with a tremendous amount of nice features making it an ideal real estate investment in York County PA.

It could be a great long-term rental property of a quick fix and flip.

Remember, once fixed up and in A+ condition, this home would be worth $140,000 according to other homes that have recently sold in the area.  Some homes have even sold for $155,000 in the area BUT if you act quick, you can buy this home for

ONLY ==> Visit for Price.  (I sometimes change prices which is why I don’t like posting prices on my blog!)

At this price, you’re getting a Huge DISCOUNT for simply buying a home that needs some clean up, minor repairs and paint.

As always, the fixer upper homes I sell go on a 1st Come 1st Served basis so contact me right away.  The 1st person to offer full price and prove they have the funds to close, gets it.

You can email me at or call me at 717-578-9601.

Good luck.  The race is on!

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“Cash Cow” Real Estate Investment in York PA. $30,000 Net Income a Year.





For the right buyer/investor, the “Cash Cow” Real Estate Investment in York PA above is a killer deal. Click on the image for further clarification.

If you’re looking to buy rental real estate and understand the value of this type of monthly/yearly income, this rental property should really excite.  I’ve been buying Home in York PA for Sale for quite some time now and I have to say, these are the best returns I’ve seen so far.

But admittedly this property isn’t for everyone.  If you’re looking for passive income without doing any work at all, this one might not be your cup of tea.  However, if you’re willing to do some up front work and secure a good investment property manager, this could easily be a passive income “cash cow”.

For further details on this property and other cheap homes for sale in York PA, check out Rehab Vault now.

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Hold Onto Your Real Estate Investment Socks! Super Cheap Rental Property in York PA

Hold onto your socks….

This York PA Real Estate Investment is cheaper than a used Yugo.

Holy crap maybe not! I just looked up a Yugo on Google and you could have bought a new one for $3,990. What on earth were those cars made out of? Actual matchboxes?

Alright maybe this Rental Property in York isn’t cheaper than a Yugo now that I think of it but it’s still darn cheap.

How cheap you ask?

Man you want to get straight to it don’t you. Let me build it up a little please and then I’ll spill the beans on your next smoking investment property.

For now, go ahead and check out the VIDEO where you can see exactly what we’re talking about. Bear in mind, it’s not the nicest real estate investment on the block and while I’m spilling the beans, the block itself isn’t the nicest one around either.

Regardless because it’s so cheap, it would make a great rental property for passive cash flow income. Check it out now.

As you can tell it’s not the prettiest rental property around but hey, for the ridiculously low price below, what do you expect, the Taj Mahal?

I wish I had a whole bunch of good things to tell you about this bargain investment property to make you feel warm and fuzzy but I don’t.

What I can say however is that the current tenants have been around for quite a while, 2+ years and they are good payers. The amount they pay in rent isn’t anything to knock your socks off about but it’s consistent passive income monthly that you can set your watch to.

Besides that, the home is currently occupied so you don’t have to make any repairs – right away at least. The mechanicals of the home including electric, water heater, roof, and furnace are in decent shape and don’t require any immediate attention.

Not surprisingly there are some cosmetic repairs that you should address at some point. Please see VIDEO for further clarification.

With all that said, is this still a good investment property in York PA?

Well you be the judge considering the…

SUPER Blow-Your-Hair-Off-Your-Face PRICE of ONLY…

==> Click Here to visit Rehab Vault for full details!

It’s crazy I know but trust me it’s true. These are the types of deals I find in the York PA real estate market often so if you’re sitting around wondering what type of deal it’s going to take to get you in the game, this is it!

Your investment risk is pretty low. Yes, the home’s not in the best part of town and you’re not going to be dealing with the best clientele out there but hey, everyone needs a roof over their head.

From years of being in this game, I’ve learned one thing.

Treat them well and they’ll still shit all over you! LOL

You weren’t expecting that one were you. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Hehehehe!

Well it’s true. No matter how nice you are to your tenants and how respectful you are of them, you’re still going to have a few bad apples so get ready.

If they don’t pay, evict them. It’s not that hard. And yes, expect them to screw up your house while they’re on their way out. You’re going to be making repairs no matter if they were good tenants or not so just be prepared for it.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!


Click Here and visit Rehab Vault dot com for further details. You’ll get the ridiculous low price of this home along with the address of the home so you can do a drive by.

Thank you for checking out Homes in York PA for sale. If you’re serious about picking up bargain priced real estate in York County PA, you have no reason to go anywhere else.

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Cheap Houses for Sale in Windsor Red Lion PA – Smoking Deal Easy Rehab

If you’re looking for Cheap Houses for Sale in Windsor Red Lion PA, you just stumbled upon a super cheap fixer upper home in Windsor PA. This real estate investment is perfect to buy and fix up as a rental property or as a fix and flip. It’s got 3 bdrms and even has a finished basement. And get this, the home currently has a 1/2 bath in the basement too which is a huge bonus.

If that in itself isn’t enough, the price is smoking too since it’s wholesale real estate. Check out what it looks like right now in the VIDEO below. Once you’ve done that, keep reading below for more details and the price.

or click ==>

As you know, every one of my real estate investment properties comes with our now famous 30% FREE Equity Guarantee or I Pay you $1,000 CASH. No one else provides this type of guarantee when selling fixer upper homes or rental real estate.

If you’d like to get some more details about this home including the price, Click Here Now!

I hope you enjoy this video. If you’d like to see it now, go here:

And make sure you check out Rehab Vault if you’re serious about buying more cheap houses for sale in Windsor Red Lion PA.

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House Auctions & Estate Sales in York PA – COMING SOON!!!

House Auctions in York PA are an amazing way to buy bargain properties. Whether they are estate sales or fixer upper properties, almost everyone knows you can find amazing deals at property auctions. There are also plenty of auction sites on the internet and they are very popular. Truth is, I personally go to real estate auctions and even check out auction sites online but I’ve never ever pulled the trigger and actually bid on one these properties?


Simple really. Half the time I can never understand what the darn auctioneer is saying. They speak so fast it’s hard to keep up. In most situations, I’m scared to raise my hand because I don’t know how much I’m really bidding. As such, I just sit on the sideline which is a real bummer.

There is a better way though and I believe I’ve come up with it.

You see, I buy and sell real estate investments all the time and very soon I plan on experimenting with my own type of house auctions. Mine are going to be very different though.

Instead of sitting up front on a stage blabbering some stuff about the home super fast, I plan to have everything written down for everyone to see. In addition to information about the home, you will also have access to instructions on how the real estate auction works.

It’s actually very simple and this House Auctions VIDEO explains it in a nutshell.  If you want further clarification, see How It Works below the video.

Basically the process is simple.  In the near future, I plan to hold some house auctions on some of my fixer upper properties.  I will be sending out notifications to everyone who has given me their name, phone number and email address by Clicking Here .

In the email, you will see a picture of the property and it’s location and time of the home auction.  It will usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday and will last 2 hours.  During that 2 hours, you will have the ability to inspect the home.

If it’s something you are interested in, you will then be required to provide me a bid for how much you are willing to pay for the home.  The bid sheet will be posted somewhere within the home and you’ll have access to everyone else’s bids as well.  On this sheet, you are allowed to bid as much or as little as you want BUT you MUST bid if you want to be included in the home auction.

Once the 2 hour auction window is over, later that day at usually around 6pm, I will call everyone who placed an acution bid.  Even the people who placed a bid of only $1.00 will get a phone call from me.

*** Please NOTE, if you don’t place a bid on the sheet, you will never know how much the home sold for and you will never have a chance to buy a home for pennies on the dollar.***

When I call you, I will let you know the amount of the latest high bid.  For example, if someone has already bid $85,000 for the home, I will let you know that the current high bid is $85,000 and ask you if you are interested in advancing that bid in an increment of $500.  If you are, you will be the next high bidder at $85,500.

I will then continue to call every other bidder until we are left with only one high bidder.

The beauty of this new way of house auctions is the fact that you can be bidding for a home in the comfort of your own home without all the pressure you normally experience at a regular house auction.

It’s a fantastic way to buy a home and at the same time get it at a steal.  You will not find any better way to find a bargain property.  The only other method I can think of is a normal house auction but don’t forget, you’re going to be dealing with a seriously fast-talking auctioneer and whatever you bid will be binding.

The beauty of my method is the fact that your bid is never binding.  It only becomes binding once we both agree on a price and a normal sales agreement is signed by both you and me.

If this excites you, check out the House Auctions in York PA Video again now and make sure to visit so you can provide me your contact details.

You’re gonna love this new method of finding bargain properties and you don’t want to miss out because the 1st home I plan on auctioning off is a $180,000 home in prestigious Elmwood York Suburban Schools with a starting bid of $49,500 or Best Offer.  Crazy right? I hope I see you at that House Auction!


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FREE Report Reveals How to Sell Your York PA Home in 9 Days or Less

To effectively have cheap homes in York PA for sale, I do a lot of marketing and one of my favorite marketing techniques is to create videos. Videos are great at getting your point across and an added bonus is the ability of people getting to know you before they even speak to you.

I can’t tell you how many people I end up speaking with who tell me, it feels like I already know you. This is huge because it puts them at ease when first making contact with you.

Typically my videos are geared around me selling houses but I also have videos out there to attract people who are looking to sell their houses to a real estate investor. In general I try to target these videos to attract people looking to sell homes in the York PA area but I’ve had people contact me as far away as England believe it or not.

It’s extremely shocking when it happens and it saddens me that I don’t have a network in place to help everyone but is shows you the power of video.

To show you what I mean, I created a video a while back where I tell people about a FREE Report I created that reveals to them how they can sell their home within 9 days. The report is real and my ability to make this happen is also real. It just all depends on the seller. Are they truly motivated to sell. If so, I have in fact bought homes within 9 days.

If you’re curious to see what the VIDEO looks like, look no further. I’ve embedded it below for you. Check it out and please share this post with your friends or family.

Till next time…happy hunting. Make sure to come back and visit here again if you’re serious about picking up some cheap houses for sale in York PA. I get them all the time.

Enjoy the video.

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Cheap Houses for Sale York PA – “Rental Property Investment” Ready to Go Now!

“I Even Stepped in CRAP on this Cheap House for Sale in York PA!”

Do you realize how much crap I go through (literrally) to find you
Cheap Houses for Sale in York PA?

If not, watch the VIDEO below and at 4 min 45 seconds you’ll see
the crap I go through 🙂

I guess it’s alright because in the end it’s all worth it.  I love doing
what I do. I love going out there and finding investment properties
for sale… even if it means I have to step in some crap.

Anyway, let me get to the details but before I do, here’s the VIDEO
of the home.

PLEASE NOTE: this wholesale property is in EXCELLENT condition.
You’ll be blown away.  It doesn’t even need paint.  Check it out now
and then keep reading details below.


This is a rental-ready investment property ready for you to start making
some cash flow on right away.  The home was remodelled
professionaly last year and is still in EXCELLENT CONDITION.
The tenant in there (who unfortunately is leaving) kept this home
in beautiful condition.  She really took care of it.  She’s getting
married and moving in with her boyfriend.

BOOOOOO boyfriend.  It sucks when you lose a great tenant
like this one.

She was paying $695 originally but ended up paying $720 because
of a small dog she keeps caged up when not at home – god
bless her!

The home’s got super-low taxes of only $1095/yr.  This is a god sent.
Basically when the owner bought this property back in 2008, it
was a hole in the wall and city had it assessed very low – only at
$18,690 and it’s stayed like that which is a blessing for any new owner.

The home even has off-street parking in the back.

Once you plug in the address below to some online valuing
sites, you’ll come up with an average estimated value on this
rental property of $38,200.

I feel this is about right.  I always tell pretty much every investor
I speak to that there’s hardly any York City single home that’s
worth more than $40,000 in today’s market.

Now, admittedly the price you can buy this home for is NOT a
smoking low price like I usually find simply BECAUSE this
home is rental ready already.

But before I get to the price, let me tell you how the numbers
work out on this one.

You will make approximately $5,150/yr or $429/month on this
property.  Remember, your taxes are very low on this property
and get this…

The tenant was even paying sewer/trash on this rental property.

When I got started in real estate, the goal was to have positive
cash flow of at least $200, this one comes with double that
as long as you buy this home cash.

Ok enough for now…how much can you buy this “rental ready”
home for?


==> Click Here to Visit for Price


231 S. Penn Street, York PA 17401


Or Click ==>


Get over to right away and get the price on this
property before it’s too late.

See you there.


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Hunting Real Estate Investments In Negril Jamaica – Can I Do It?

I apologize this doesn’t have anything to do with Homes in York PA for Sale but today I’m hunting real estate investments in a completely different environment – Negril Jamaica.

Hunting Real Estate Investments in Negril, Jamaica

Yup…as I write this I’m sitting on my porch in hotel Kuyaba in Negril Jamaica. My wife Denise and I come here every year for her birthday – April 1st. It’s become a tradition we love with all our heart. 5 years in a row and we’re still loving every minute of it.

The 1st couple years it was just the 2 of us but over the last 3 years, we’ve shared this little part of paradise with some close friends. They seem to have fallen in love with it just as much as we have.

Today however, we’re doing something unique. Denise and I are going to take a stroll down the beach to look at some real estate properties for sale. Investing here may seem a little strange for a small town real estate investor like myself but like all real estate investments, it just comes down to the numbers.

How Do the Numbers in Jamaica Stack Up?

I haven’t yet examined all the numbers but from my preliminary investigation, the economies of buying real estate here definitely make sense.

Here’s why!

There are properties here you can buy on the beach anywhere from $75,000 to about $500,000. My personal sweet spot will probably be in the $100,000 range. The reason for this is very simple.

The more affordable the up-front purchase price, the easier it will be for me to cover any expenses of buying the property through monthly rent payments. Unlike in America however, the real estate investment properties here rent more on a sporadic basis then continuous all along.

The rental properties here rent on a daily to weekly basis or if you’re lucky, monthly. It all depends on how strong the tourist season is.

Are Mortgages Freely Available in Jamaica Too?

As for mortgages, the Jamaican economy is pretty competitive and mortgages are freely available to even foreigners. There are some special requirements for sure which I haven’t delved into completely yet but plan to very soon.

My hope is to learn about mortgage programs similar to those in America. For example, in America it’s fairly common for a real estate investor to have a conversation with a commercial banker who can approve a mortgage for them as long as the property being lent money on has a positive cash flow.

Typically they are looking for a 1.25 Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR). This Ratio may be very alien to you but it is very easy to understand in actuality.

What is Debt Coverage Ratio – DCR?

Let’s imagine you buy a real estate investment for $100,000. You go to your local real estate investment commercial lender and ask them for a loan to buy the property. When all said and done, your mortgage payment with the bank will be $700 but on top of that you need to add any other expenses for the property.

These other expenses will most probably be real estate taxes, property insurance, property management costs, perhaps some utilities and some maintenance/repair costs. To make our numbers easy to compute, let’s assume all these other expenses add up to $300 monthly.

Add that to our original $700 mortgage payment and we have a total monthly expense for this property of $1,000.

That’s the magic number our commercial lender pays most attention to. They want to make sure you or the real estate property you’re buying can cover that expense. Typically if you’re buying a normal residential loan, they’re going to make sure you personally can afford that payment.

However, if you’re dealing with a commercial real estate lender, they’re going to pay more attention to your real estate investment’s ability to cover that monthly expense through the rental payments you can receive.

When Will Your Commercial Lender Approve
Your Real Estate Investment Loan?

Ideally they want the rental payments to be more than 1.25 Xs your monthly expense.

So for our example, this means they would want rental payments on this building to be at least $1,250 or more. The higher that rental payment, the easier it’ll be to get approved for that loan.

Personally I wouldn’t be too excited to have a property that only has a DCR of 1.25. I want something higher to have that extra comfort level. Ideally I would look for something like 1.5.

Paying attention to DCR is not only an important factor for your commercial banker but it’s also a number I pay very close attention to myself. The higher my DCR the better the investment property I have found.

As such, my mission today is to go look at some possible real estate investments with my wife in the hopes of finding some great rental property returns. Wish me luck Mon! I hope we find our next real estate investment here in Paradise!

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98% Approval Rate on this Rent to Own Home in York PA! See VIDEO. Take Action Now!

This Rent to Own Home in York PA will BLOW you away! It’s absolutely beautiful inside. You’ll be the talk of the town when you invite your friends and family over.

And how about keeping cozy and warm during the winter? It’s got 2 (not 1) but 2 fireplaces and nice wood floors throughout. Great kitchen perfect for entertaining and excellent room sizes and the fact it comes with Owner Financing or Rent to Own is brilliant.

And to top it off, this place even has a nice long yard perfect for letting your kids and animals roam free. The yard is very private so you can rest easy knowing your kids and animals are safe and happy.

If that isn’t enough, get this. The home even has a 2 car garage. This is a huge BONUS living in the city. You don’t ever have to worry about finding parking spaces ever again. Most rental homes in the city don’t have private parking so this is a really nice bonus.

Address: Click Here to Get Address (please note, there are people living in the property right now so DO NOT go into the home. Simply drive by the property to see if you like the area first. I repeat, DO NOT bother the people in the home right now. You will be disqualified automatically for this opportunity if you knock on their door).

This Rent to Own home is in perfect move-in condition and extremely well cared for. Please take a look at the video now and let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.

Are you ready to move in? Here’s What You Should Do Now!

First Click Here to Get the Address of Home and then drive by the property and make sure it’s in an area that works for you. DO NOT go onto the property since people are living there right now. Simply drive by the property for now and take a look at it from your car. If you like, you can drive out back as well but DO NOT go onto the property because it will freak the current occupants out and we don’t want that.

Simply watch the video and see if you like the home first. If you’re super serious and ready to go, simply complete our Rent 2 Own Application Form and follow the directions on the form to send it to us. (This is the best option!)

Click Here for Your Rent to Own Application

Your other option is to either email me or call me and tell me the following.

1) How much you currently pay in rent?

2) How much you are “comfortable” paying monthly for a home if you were buying it rather than renting? Please note, I want the payments to be comfortable for you because I never want you to be in a position where you can’t pay. And

3) How much money you have available to put down towards the purchase of a rent to own home. This payment will go towards your purchase price when you eventually buy the home which should ideally be within 2 years.

Please NOTE: the more money you can afford monthly and the more money you have to put down, the better candidate you are for this home.

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide me this information, you will not be considered for this home at all.

Also, if you haven’t already, you should read the FREE Report titled “How to Become a Homeowner With As Little as 3% Down” now by Clicking Here.

Now…if you’re ready to take the next step and own a home of your own, go ahead and email me at or call me at 717-417-8447.

NOTE: you must answer the 3 questions above to be considered.

IMPORTANT: It’s OK if you don’t have perfect credit. We have programs in place to help you with your credit and it’s in our best interest to really help because we want you to eventually buy this home with your own mortgage.

It’s easy to qualify. We have a 98% Approval Rate! The most important part to qualifying is proving you have steady income and a decent bit of money to put down on this property.

Start the easy paperwork to become a homeowner now by Clicking Here.

Good luck and act fast because as of right now we ONLY have this one rent to own home available so take action now before it’s too late. The other real estate home we had last month SOLD with the 1st showing we had. Rent 2 Own Homes in York PA sell very quickly so don’t wait to take action.

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Real Estate Investment in York PA Needs a Landlord who knows a Slam Dunk Deal

If I’m not out looking for real estate investments in York I’m usually reading a good book or checking out some inspirational quotes. As such, today I thought I’d share a great one with you. Here’s your…


“Once you say you’re going to settle for second, that’s what happens to you in life.”
– John F. Kennedy

That’s pretty powerful. So for a change, here’s to settling for FIRST instead.

Why don’t you be the first to get in touch with me and pick up this nice wholesale real estate investment in the Avenues area of York. This will make a great rental investment property.

As you can tell this rental property is pretty big and has some of the best features for making it very appealing to keep as a real estate investment.

These include:

1) nice location
2) easy rehab
3) large property
4) brick
5) 5 bdrms – perfect for appealing to more people;
6) private parking 1 car garage; and
7) good rental rate – for a brick home in this location with private 1 car garage, you should easily be able to get $695-$795. I have a smaller 4 bdrm home near York College (no garage) that I rent for $775.

And the best part is the


$24,700 even though Zillow values it at $50,029, Eppraisal at $63,599, Real Quest at $73,000 and Trulia at $45,000

This investment property will go quick. If I don’t hear from you by the end of this weekend, I plan on simply going through my phone contacts and personally calling real estate investors that I know who specifically invest in the avenues area. Most of these real estate investors are picking up investment property in the $30,000+ range in this area so I doubt this wholesale property will stick around too much longer.

If you’re interested and can make a decision by this weekend, get in touch with me right away please. To get my contact information, visit

To check it out for yourself and maybe do a drive by, here’s the address.


Click Cheap Houses for Sale York PA for full details


Click on now and get the address and then plug it into your GPS and do a drive by but before you do that, plug it into your home value estimators to confirm what I told you above. Once you realize this is a smoking deal with some great rental income potential, contact me and buy it.

Like John Kennedy says, stop settling for second and be the first to make this happen for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully you see serious value in this wholesale investment property in York PA.

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