Last York PA Rental Property SOLD in 3 hours but I have 4 more coming…

York PA Wholesale Property Sells in 3 Hours

Did you see  RehabVault’s last wholesale property in York PA? If not I’m sorry because it is now SOLD.  In fact, it sold within 3 hours of the email going out to our buyer’s list.

As such, if you’re a serious real estate investor and want access to cheap houses in York PA, you really need to get on our buyer’s list.

Over the next week or so, we’ll be offering 4 more wholesale properties in York PA.  They will range from a single family home to a 3 unit building.

All of them are already occupied with tenants so they come with instant cash flow.  In addition to instant cash flow, the properties need very little work.  One of them has also been recently remodeled which makes it a great investment property in York PA to own.

York PA Real Estate deals these days are moving very quickly so be ready to move fast and commit on these investment properties as soon as they become available.  The York County Real Estate market has already been voted as one of the best markets in the country to flip real estate so pay close attention to any real estate investments we have coming up.

I wish you the best on our next 4 real estate deals.  They’ll be coming very soon.  If you’re serious about grabbing some good real estate bargains, I suggest you get on our buyer’s list now by Clicking Here ==> !

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