I’m a Sexy Home in York PA for Sale and I know it!

Homes in York PA for Sale is proud to present

“I’m Sexy and I know it…”

And at 9min10secs into the VIDEO BELOW you’ll know exactly why

(you gotto watch)…

but till then let me give you some quick info about this wholesale
real estate investment in York PA.


It’s a 3bdrm 1bath York PA home with a nice tall celing basement which you could convert into some extra living space which would increase the value of this property even more.

The home’s located in Eastern Schools in Hellam township which
is in between York and Wrightsville making it an ideal real estate
investment for anyone looking to buy a country setting home. About
1/2 a mile further down the road is a golf course.

The home needs cosmetic repairs BUT has pretty much a Brand New
Roof as of 2 years ago. There was a roof leak so there’s some
drywall damage from an old roof leak. See VIDEO for details.

The home will need debris clean up, painting, refinishing the
hardwood floors (which will look excellent when done), kitchen and
bathroom updates. The front porch needs some wood repair as

As usual, it’s a money-making wholesale real estate deal which are the only types of real estate investment deals I concentrate on and you’re going to love the price and profit potential on this one.
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It also comes with my usual 30% FREE Equity Guarantee just like
all my wholesale real estate deals do so here are the details.

Per the following appraisal sites this property is worth…

Zillow – $128,875
Realquest – $128,000
Eppraisal – $143,000
Trulia – $125,000
Assessed Value – $112,810

Average all those figures out and you come up with $127,500 as
the value of this home.

Based on what I’m seeing in the area I think that’s fair BUT I would
go with a value of $119,000 for this property instead because I’m always conservative.

However, you’re not going to pay anywhere close to that for this real
estate investment.

Instead, you’re going to get an insane discount because you can
buy these homes for sale in York PA for…

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That’s a $XX,XXX discount from the estimated value.

I hope that’s a big enough discount for you! Is it???

Check it out now and then contact me if you’re serious about buying
and I’ll give you further details on this and other homes for sale in York PA.

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