House Auctions & Estate Sales in York PA – COMING SOON!!!

House Auctions in York PA are an amazing way to buy bargain properties. Whether they are estate sales or fixer upper properties, almost everyone knows you can find amazing deals at property auctions. There are also plenty of auction sites on the internet and they are very popular. Truth is, I personally go to real estate auctions and even check out auction sites online but I’ve never ever pulled the trigger and actually bid on one these properties?


Simple really. Half the time I can never understand what the darn auctioneer is saying. They speak so fast it’s hard to keep up. In most situations, I’m scared to raise my hand because I don’t know how much I’m really bidding. As such, I just sit on the sideline which is a real bummer.

There is a better way though and I believe I’ve come up with it.

You see, I buy and sell real estate investments all the time and very soon I plan on experimenting with my own type of house auctions. Mine are going to be very different though.

Instead of sitting up front on a stage blabbering some stuff about the home super fast, I plan to have everything written down for everyone to see. In addition to information about the home, you will also have access to instructions on how the real estate auction works.

It’s actually very simple and this House Auctions VIDEO explains it in a nutshell.  If you want further clarification, see How It Works below the video.

Basically the process is simple.  In the near future, I plan to hold some house auctions on some of my fixer upper properties.  I will be sending out notifications to everyone who has given me their name, phone number and email address by Clicking Here .

In the email, you will see a picture of the property and it’s location and time of the home auction.  It will usually take place on a Saturday or Sunday and will last 2 hours.  During that 2 hours, you will have the ability to inspect the home.

If it’s something you are interested in, you will then be required to provide me a bid for how much you are willing to pay for the home.  The bid sheet will be posted somewhere within the home and you’ll have access to everyone else’s bids as well.  On this sheet, you are allowed to bid as much or as little as you want BUT you MUST bid if you want to be included in the home auction.

Once the 2 hour auction window is over, later that day at usually around 6pm, I will call everyone who placed an acution bid.  Even the people who placed a bid of only $1.00 will get a phone call from me.

*** Please NOTE, if you don’t place a bid on the sheet, you will never know how much the home sold for and you will never have a chance to buy a home for pennies on the dollar.***

When I call you, I will let you know the amount of the latest high bid.  For example, if someone has already bid $85,000 for the home, I will let you know that the current high bid is $85,000 and ask you if you are interested in advancing that bid in an increment of $500.  If you are, you will be the next high bidder at $85,500.

I will then continue to call every other bidder until we are left with only one high bidder.

The beauty of this new way of house auctions is the fact that you can be bidding for a home in the comfort of your own home without all the pressure you normally experience at a regular house auction.

It’s a fantastic way to buy a home and at the same time get it at a steal.  You will not find any better way to find a bargain property.  The only other method I can think of is a normal house auction but don’t forget, you’re going to be dealing with a seriously fast-talking auctioneer and whatever you bid will be binding.

The beauty of my method is the fact that your bid is never binding.  It only becomes binding once we both agree on a price and a normal sales agreement is signed by both you and me.

If this excites you, check out the House Auctions in York PA Video again now and make sure to visit so you can provide me your contact details.

You’re gonna love this new method of finding bargain properties and you don’t want to miss out because the 1st home I plan on auctioning off is a $180,000 home in prestigious Elmwood York Suburban Schools with a starting bid of $49,500 or Best Offer.  Crazy right? I hope I see you at that House Auction!


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