Homes for Sale in York Suburban Schools PA. Extremely clean property but great Fixer-Upper price!

I’m extremely excited about homes in York PA for sale, particularly this wholesale property I found.


Because it’s a clean real estate investment property in the most sought-after school district of York PA homes making it a PERFECT investment property to either flip or keep as rental real estate.

Before I tell you anymore however, I want to share an awesome quote I saw yesterday:

“If you Risk nothing…then you risk everything!” – Gina Davis (Actress)

To be successfull in real estate investing, you have to take leap of faith every once in a while. Your job however is to keep your risks to a minimal.  This can be done by investing in the right real estate in the right location.

And I truly believe this is the right deal for you.

As far as homes in York PA for sale are concerned, it’s very rare to find a home in the best school district that’s as clean as this but you still get it a Fixer-Upper price.

Check out how clean this property is right now with the Video below.  Once you’ve done that, go to >>> to get further details about this and other “homes in York PA for sale”.

You’ll get all the details you need including price. NOTE: I don’t display prices here on my blog since from time to time, prices change and I’m not fancy enough to have all my prices link all over the internet.  As such, I feature prices only in one spot 🙂

Please note, this home is worth $105,000-$125,000 but you’ll pay nowhere near that price for this property.

You just have to be able to move quick enough to snatch this deal up.

Good luck.  This is a really nice clean property.  You could easily move someone in as early as tomorrow if you like.

You can even buy this home quick since you’re not buying short sale homes or anything like that.  This York PA Home is ready to go now.

Good luck!

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