Homes for Sale in York PA – 30% FREE Equity Guaranteed. West York PA Investment Property!

Homes for Sale in York PA presents a ridiculously cheap real estate investment property you can buy at a wholesale price right now. You can search all the property finder sites you like but you won’t find a better real estate investment than this.

This home is located in the very desirable West York PA school district making this home very easy to rent or fix and flip.

Remodeling work has already begun on this property and the exterior is pretty much brand new. The interior however is only framed out and needs finishing. In the end, this investment property will be a brand new home which you can easily market for $120,000++ but you can buy it for way less than that.

For details on how much you can buy this rental property for, click on ==> <== now! Of course if you'd like to see inside this home right now, check out the VIDEO of this Cheap Home for Sale in York PA below.

This wholesale property is priced to sell fast so get to the above details right away. I hope you take advantage of buying this Cheap “Home for Sale in York PA”.

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