Hold Onto Your Real Estate Investment Socks! Super Cheap Rental Property in York PA

Hold onto your socks….

This York PA Real Estate Investment is cheaper than a used Yugo.

Holy crap maybe not! I just looked up a Yugo on Google and you could have bought a new one for $3,990. What on earth were those cars made out of? Actual matchboxes?

Alright maybe this Rental Property in York isn’t cheaper than a Yugo now that I think of it but it’s still darn cheap.

How cheap you ask?

Man you want to get straight to it don’t you. Let me build it up a little please and then I’ll spill the beans on your next smoking investment property.

For now, go ahead and check out the VIDEO where you can see exactly what we’re talking about. Bear in mind, it’s not the nicest real estate investment on the block and while I’m spilling the beans, the block itself isn’t the nicest one around either.

Regardless because it’s so cheap, it would make a great rental property for passive cash flow income. Check it out now.

As you can tell it’s not the prettiest rental property around but hey, for the ridiculously low price below, what do you expect, the Taj Mahal?

I wish I had a whole bunch of good things to tell you about this bargain investment property to make you feel warm and fuzzy but I don’t.

What I can say however is that the current tenants have been around for quite a while, 2+ years and they are good payers. The amount they pay in rent isn’t anything to knock your socks off about but it’s consistent passive income monthly that you can set your watch to.

Besides that, the home is currently occupied so you don’t have to make any repairs – right away at least. The mechanicals of the home including electric, water heater, roof, and furnace are in decent shape and don’t require any immediate attention.

Not surprisingly there are some cosmetic repairs that you should address at some point. Please see VIDEO for further clarification.

With all that said, is this still a good investment property in York PA?

Well you be the judge considering the…

SUPER Blow-Your-Hair-Off-Your-Face PRICE of ONLY…

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It’s crazy I know but trust me it’s true. These are the types of deals I find in the York PA real estate market often so if you’re sitting around wondering what type of deal it’s going to take to get you in the game, this is it!

Your investment risk is pretty low. Yes, the home’s not in the best part of town and you’re not going to be dealing with the best clientele out there but hey, everyone needs a roof over their head.

From years of being in this game, I’ve learned one thing.

Treat them well and they’ll still shit all over you! LOL

You weren’t expecting that one were you. Just wanted to make sure you were paying attention. Hehehehe!

Well it’s true. No matter how nice you are to your tenants and how respectful you are of them, you’re still going to have a few bad apples so get ready.

If they don’t pay, evict them. It’s not that hard. And yes, expect them to screw up your house while they’re on their way out. You’re going to be making repairs no matter if they were good tenants or not so just be prepared for it.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best!


Click Here and visit Rehab Vault dot com for further details. You’ll get the ridiculous low price of this home along with the address of the home so you can do a drive by.

Thank you for checking out Homes in York PA for sale. If you’re serious about picking up bargain priced real estate in York County PA, you have no reason to go anywhere else.

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