Glen Rock, PA homes for sale – ‘fixer-upper’ wholesale. $90,000 FREE Equity

7.93 Acres comes with this 2 unit home for sale in Glen Rock, PA. This Southern York County fixer-upper home needs very minor repairs – easy cosmetic stuff. In fact I can do the work myself and I $uck at handy-man work.

The major items needed are furnaces for both units. The owners used to have wood-burning stoves but they plan on taking them when they leave.

This country-style home in Glen Rock, PA comes with it’s own Pavillion and beer tap house, making it the perfect Southern York County home for entertaining.

It butts up against a stream that’s stocked yearly for fishing.  The rail trail is also very close and you can often see people cycling and jogging on the rail trail.

And on top of all this, you can even do some private deer-hunting on about 2 acres of your own land.  Approximately 5 or so deer show up yearly on your grounds!

All in all this wholesale property is a great find if you like country-out in the boonies-living.  The decor is pretty much country-style in the main house and a mixture of all types in the other unit.

We’re wholesaling this Southern York Pennsylvania home for $135,700.

We estimate repairs at around $25-$30k to make this home kick a$$.

Comps in the area vary but other homes within 3 or 4 miles of this home in similar size and acreage have recently sold for an average price of $225,000.

Current Active listings similar to this home are on the market right now for an average price of $260,000+.

A realtor was consulted for this property who mentioned it should be listed “As-Is” for $200,000 and as repaired for $250,000.

It’s a nice property and someone’s going to get a steal on this one.

At $135,700, you’d be picking it up with roughly $90,000 of FREE Equity.

First come first served on this one.

The VIDEO of this home titled “Homes for Sale in Glen Rock, PA” is below.  Check it out now!

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