Foreclosed Homes for Sale York PA presents the cheapest property ever!

Welcome again to homes for sale in York PA where you’ll always find insanely low priced wholesale real estate and today is no exception. In fact, right now I’m featuring the cheapest fixer upper property ever. I’ve never sold a wholesale property this cheap ever before and I can virtually guarantee you that you’ll never find a cheaper property than this no matter what property finder site you use.

So let me get straight to it.

Of course this wholesale property is a serious fixer upper but it’s seriously cheap as well.

In fact, it’s cheaper than a used PINTO!

No joke!

It’s extremely cheap and you can get all the details by clicking here now >> RehabVault << While there, you'll get access to other cheap wholesale real estate investments too and will have a chance to get on my VIP list so every time I have a cheap wholesale property like this, you'll know about it instantly. Now, finding homes for sale in York PA this cheap is very rare so obviously there's a reason for it. But before I get into all the details about these houses for sale in York PA I want to tell you a little about this particular home's location and why it's so cheap. For starters, it's a "serious fixer upper" which you can see through the VIDEO and it's not located in the best part of York city.

However, please note the street it’s on has been getting cleaned up lately. There’s several businesses in the area…a supermarket and even an upscale bunch of apartments.

As such, it’s only a matter of time this immediate area get’s cleaned up even further thus increasing the value of this home and other homes for sale in York PA. If you buy now and hold, eventually you’ll be sitting on a very nice real estate investment and if you can pick it up for only >> Click Here to Find Out Price << you can't lose. In addition, the rents in the area on a real estate investment like this will range between $700-$800 so "cash flow" is no issue! As for the home itself, per the tax records it has 2440 square feet and has 3bdrms and 2 bathrooms. However, I actually lost count of how many different rooms I roamed through on this fixer upper property. Check out the VIDEO and see for yourself now. Please note, this property will sell first come first served so if you're serious about snatching up a home for less than a used pinto, I suggest you visit my official site for full details by clicking here >> <<. See you on the other side and thank you for visiting this blog about homes for sale in York PA.

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