Even in “High Heels” I can remodel this York PA Investment Property!

The VIDEO of the latest and greatest investment opportunity by Homes in York PA for Sale is below but before I reveal it I have something important to say…

Today, November 6th, 2015, I might be dressing up like a girl by wearing high heels and walking a mile in and around York City but I still know a “smoking hot” York PA investment property deal like any “MANLY” investor out there.

Now, before you get distracted with the thought of what I look like in high heels, let me take the guess work out of it for you. Here you go…

Homes in York PA for Sale owner in High HeelsYou see… I’m still pretty manly even though I wear high heels. And before your mind goes a wondering on what the heck I’m doing… I’m walking a mile in high heels today at 5pm in York City in an effort to raise money against women’s abuse.

Simply put… “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” is an international men’s march to eliminate rape, sexual assault, and other gender violence!

It’s a great event and I’m happy to be a part of it!

But enough transvestite talk for now.  Let’s get to some real estate investing in York PA business.

Today I’ve simply got a great Investment Property in York PA for you. The benefits of this rental property are super obvious once you check out the VIDEO. This cheap house in York PA is in absolutely beautiful condition and is a turn-key rental property investment.

It DOES NOT need any rehab work (even I in high heels can do that), it DOES NOT need a new rental tenant – there’s already one there with guaranteed rental income money from the government – Section 8 and it DOES NOT need a lot of cash.

Even though this rental home is super sexy and ready to go… the Wholesale Price is still kick A$$. Want to know what it is?

You must Click Here to Visit RehabVault.com and get on our Buyers List.

In the meanwhile however, you can check out the VIDEO below and then under it all the details you need. Make sure you Click the link above for Pricing on this Rental Property Investment.

Address (NEW) 36 N. Franklin Street, York PA
Bedrooms/Bath 3bdrm with Attic and 1 bath
Area/School District York City
Description Gorgeous “TurnKey” home with Section 8 tenant who keeps the place absolutely beautiful.  NO Repairs needed at all in this home.  All it needs is a new landlord who’s ready to start making some easy mailbox money.
Retail Value $45,000
Yearly Taxes $2,110
Current Occupancy Status Occupied with Section 8 Tenant
Possible Rental Rate $700-750 BUT it’s currently rented for $625 due to section 8
Entry Access Contact me Mikk for entry
YouTube VIDEO Link https://youtu.be/lTnazLutGnM
Pictures of Property https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1k2ujeKy3TzSXg0X0FxZHE3QlU
Wholesale Price Click Here to go to RehabVault.com for Price
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