Cheap Houses for Sale York PA – “Rental Property Investment” Ready to Go Now!

“I Even Stepped in CRAP on this Cheap House for Sale in York PA!”

Do you realize how much crap I go through (literrally) to find you
Cheap Houses for Sale in York PA?

If not, watch the VIDEO below and at 4 min 45 seconds you’ll see
the crap I go through 🙂

I guess it’s alright because in the end it’s all worth it.  I love doing
what I do. I love going out there and finding investment properties
for sale… even if it means I have to step in some crap.

Anyway, let me get to the details but before I do, here’s the VIDEO
of the home.

PLEASE NOTE: this wholesale property is in EXCELLENT condition.
You’ll be blown away.  It doesn’t even need paint.  Check it out now
and then keep reading details below.


This is a rental-ready investment property ready for you to start making
some cash flow on right away.  The home was remodelled
professionaly last year and is still in EXCELLENT CONDITION.
The tenant in there (who unfortunately is leaving) kept this home
in beautiful condition.  She really took care of it.  She’s getting
married and moving in with her boyfriend.

BOOOOOO boyfriend.  It sucks when you lose a great tenant
like this one.

She was paying $695 originally but ended up paying $720 because
of a small dog she keeps caged up when not at home – god
bless her!

The home’s got super-low taxes of only $1095/yr.  This is a god sent.
Basically when the owner bought this property back in 2008, it
was a hole in the wall and city had it assessed very low – only at
$18,690 and it’s stayed like that which is a blessing for any new owner.

The home even has off-street parking in the back.

Once you plug in the address below to some online valuing
sites, you’ll come up with an average estimated value on this
rental property of $38,200.

I feel this is about right.  I always tell pretty much every investor
I speak to that there’s hardly any York City single home that’s
worth more than $40,000 in today’s market.

Now, admittedly the price you can buy this home for is NOT a
smoking low price like I usually find simply BECAUSE this
home is rental ready already.

But before I get to the price, let me tell you how the numbers
work out on this one.

You will make approximately $5,150/yr or $429/month on this
property.  Remember, your taxes are very low on this property
and get this…

The tenant was even paying sewer/trash on this rental property.

When I got started in real estate, the goal was to have positive
cash flow of at least $200, this one comes with double that
as long as you buy this home cash.

Ok enough for now…how much can you buy this “rental ready”
home for?


==> Click Here to Visit for Price


231 S. Penn Street, York PA 17401


Or Click ==>


Get over to right away and get the price on this
property before it’s too late.

See you there.


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