Cheap Houses for Sale West York PA

Cheap Houses for Sale West York PA available now! If you’re looking for a Cheap House in York PA check out this Investment Property VIDEO now before some other York PA Real Estate investor snatches it up.

This bargain fixer-upper would make a great rental property to add to your rental portfolio.  It’s located in West York PA school district which is a very desirable school district.  There’s a good bit of real estate investment development going on right around this property.  In fact, some other real estate investors have put in a significant amount of money to turn a large factory into a multi-unit rental complex a stone’s throw from this property.

As far as investing in York PA homes, this would make a great rental property for a landlord looking for long-term rental investments.  The property needs a decent bit of interior work but here are some strong points about the building as it stands now.

The entire property has a new roof that was put on less than 1 1/2 years ago.  All the windows in the property are newer replacement windows.  This investment property has 4 bdrms and the bathroom doesn’t need work.

The repairs this Cheap House in West York PA needs are as follows:

  • a bunch of drywall work;
  • a little exterior painting if you like;
  • carpets through entire home;
  • new vinyl floors in kitchen;
  • new kitchen cabinets; and
  • perhaps a new furnace – currently it’s one of those old octopus looking thingies!

In fact, if you’re interested in checking out this rental property right now, go ahead and take a look at the Cheap House in West York PA VIDEO below.


Once you’re finished checking out the VIDEO, go ahead and visit for more details about this “Cheap House in West York PA”.

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