Cheap House for Sale in Red Lion PA – Real Cheap – Only $35,000 CA$H

I am excited to bring you yet another cheap house for
sale in Red Lion PA

Bottom line! If you’re a $ERIOUS buyer looking for great real estate investment properties, you’re going to love this fixer upper home.

Here’s the deal on this home for sale in Red Lion PA. It’s located in a Rural setting next to huge farm. The are is very peaceful and serene.

The home’s got 1620 sq. ft with 3 bdrms. It’s a rancher style home which is perfect for anyone looking for one floor living. It doesn’t look like a rancher when you first see it but it is.

The home’s value, based on recent sales within a 3 mile radius is…

WORTH ==> $130,000 to $150,000

If I include other sales that are just about to settle, you’d think I’m lying but there’s 2 other properties that are pending sales and they’re selling for $137,900 and $142,900 and their sq. footage is
1028 (that’s small compared to this home) and 1392 sq. ft.

As you can see, a home almost 600 sq. ft smaller than this is selling for $137,900. That’s huge for this property.

But guess what you can buy this property for?

Wait for it…wait for it…

BOOM ==> $35,000 <==

No joke! But of course there’s a catch and here it is. This home is a FULL REHAB.

It was struck by lightning and at this point there’s a lot that needs to be done on this real estate investment.

Can you handle it?

If so…you could make a killing on this property.

Here’s the VIDEO…check it out and click on ==> RehabVault <== forĀ  details on how to contact me.

This real estate investment must settle quick. Once you prove to me you’re serious, I’ll give you details to get inside this property and
inspect it.

You need to be able to settle with CASH and close within 2 weeks. Title is all clean and this home is ready to close in 5 days if you

PS. A lot of the hardwork is already done for this home. You don’t have to do much clean up at all. Just come in and start rehabbing.

PPS. I have 2 more properties coming to you within the next 2 days. I’ve been a busy little boy! Make sure you check back over here
at Homes in York PA for Sale!

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