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Cheap Houses York PA GuyHi there…my name’s Mikk Sachar and I want to say Thank You for checking out this blog about Homes in York PA for Sale.  Basically I put this blog together because I’m a local real estate investor specializing in buying and selling highly discounted York PA Homes.

I personally buy…fix up and resell or hold properties in this area.  I currently own several properties that I keep for long-term rentals and I also continue to buy…fix up and resell properties.

However…there is absolutely NO WAY I can buy every real estate bargain I run across and that’s why I end up selling a lot of the properties I have as wholesale properties to other buyers/investors like yourself who are looking for a bargain.

Most of the bargain real estate I find happen to be York PA foreclosures because I have a background in mortgages.  I started in the real estate industry back in 2000 when I became a mortgage broker.  I later opened my own mortgage company while I continued to invest in York PA houses.  Over the years, I’ve learned that my passion is in real estate investing and as such, this is now what I do full time.

Like I mentioned before, my business involves me buying a lot of real estate which is a result of a lot of different marketing that I do.  I end up finding a lot of great real estate deals but lucky for you…there’s no way I can buy every deal I come across.

And that’s great for you because… any deal I’m not personally buying…I’m going to end up either posting here on my blog or sending you information about it as long as I have your email address and you can pick it up instead at a great price.

So…again…thank you for visiting my blog and I hope very soon I’ll be able to pass on a great deal to you because don’t forget I’ve always got a good list of homes in York PA for sale!

PS. If you’d like to see what I have right now… visit www.RehabVault.com which is another site I post my wholesale properties to.

You can also join me on Google+ but RehabVault is better if you have a question!

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