98% Approval Rate on this Rent to Own Home in York PA! See VIDEO. Take Action Now!

This Rent to Own Home in York PA will BLOW you away! It’s absolutely beautiful inside. You’ll be the talk of the town when you invite your friends and family over.

And how about keeping cozy and warm during the winter? It’s got 2 (not 1) but 2 fireplaces and nice wood floors throughout. Great kitchen perfect for entertaining and excellent room sizes and the fact it comes with Owner Financing or Rent to Own is brilliant.

And to top it off, this place even has a nice long yard perfect for letting your kids and animals roam free. The yard is very private so you can rest easy knowing your kids and animals are safe and happy.

If that isn’t enough, get this. The home even has a 2 car garage. This is a huge BONUS living in the city. You don’t ever have to worry about finding parking spaces ever again. Most rental homes in the city don’t have private parking so this is a really nice bonus.

Address: Click Here to Get Address (please note, there are people living in the property right now so DO NOT go into the home. Simply drive by the property to see if you like the area first. I repeat, DO NOT bother the people in the home right now. You will be disqualified automatically for this opportunity if you knock on their door).

This Rent to Own home is in perfect move-in condition and extremely well cared for. Please take a look at the video now and let me know if this is something you’d be interested in.

Are you ready to move in? Here’s What You Should Do Now!

First Click Here to Get the Address of Home and then drive by the property and make sure it’s in an area that works for you. DO NOT go onto the property since people are living there right now. Simply drive by the property for now and take a look at it from your car. If you like, you can drive out back as well but DO NOT go onto the property because it will freak the current occupants out and we don’t want that.

Simply watch the video and see if you like the home first. If you’re super serious and ready to go, simply complete our Rent 2 Own Application Form and follow the directions on the form to send it to us. (This is the best option!)

Click Here for Your Rent to Own Application

Your other option is to either email me or call me and tell me the following.

1) How much you currently pay in rent?

2) How much you are “comfortable” paying monthly for a home if you were buying it rather than renting? Please note, I want the payments to be comfortable for you because I never want you to be in a position where you can’t pay. And

3) How much money you have available to put down towards the purchase of a rent to own home. This payment will go towards your purchase price when you eventually buy the home which should ideally be within 2 years.

Please NOTE: the more money you can afford monthly and the more money you have to put down, the better candidate you are for this home.

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide me this information, you will not be considered for this home at all.

Also, if you haven’t already, you should read the FREE Report titled “How to Become a Homeowner With As Little as 3% Down” now by Clicking Here.

Now…if you’re ready to take the next step and own a home of your own, go ahead and email me at mikk@rehabvault.com or call me at 717-417-8447.

NOTE: you must answer the 3 questions above to be considered.

IMPORTANT: It’s OK if you don’t have perfect credit. We have programs in place to help you with your credit and it’s in our best interest to really help because we want you to eventually buy this home with your own mortgage.

It’s easy to qualify. We have a 98% Approval Rate! The most important part to qualifying is proving you have steady income and a decent bit of money to put down on this property.

Start the easy paperwork to become a homeowner now by Clicking Here.

Good luck and act fast because as of right now we ONLY have this one rent to own home available so take action now before it’s too late. The other real estate home we had last month SOLD with the 1st showing we had. Rent 2 Own Homes in York PA sell very quickly so don’t wait to take action.

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