Coming Soon: 3 New Cheap Houses for Sale in York PA & My 40th Birthday!

3 New Cheap Houses for Sale in York PA Coming Soon

I’ve missed writing you about Cheap Homes in York PA for Sale. It seems like ages since I last wrote about York PA Real Estate deals.

Truth be told…the warm weather keeps me busying partying instead of out there hunting for York PA real estate deals.

I’d rather be out golfing or drinking beer on some nice sun-soaked deck (which is where I am right now truthfully) then traipsing around some dingy basement or cat-urine-infested home. But hey… I got to pay the bills so it’s time to get my hands dirty again and start sniffing out some cat urine and finding the next bargain real estate deals in York PA.

As much as I’d rather be out goofing around I have been busy though which is why I’m writing today.

You see…I have 3 new Cheap Rental Properties for Sale.

2 in York city and 1 in Hanover, PA.

I’m super excited about the Hanover Real Estate Bargain I found because it’s a killer deal. It’s pretty much move- in ready but you can still buy it for a HUGE discount.

2 of them will be coming tomorrow and the 3rd “probably” this weekend.

Why probably?

Well…it’s my birthday on Sunday. It’s the big 4-0 and I have a feeling I’m going to be a little hung-over Sunday.

Holy crap. I can’t believe it’s here. I still feel like a kid and act like one too.

It keeps me young I guess.

Anyway… bye for now. Sunday is right around the corner. I think I should get a head start on some partying. I’ll be starting today at 10.48 AM with my golf outing.

However, in the meanwhile, if you want to make sure you get notified when the 3 new bargain real estate deals are ready, make sure to come back to this blog or better yet, Click Here => Investment Real Estate Deals in York PA <= and get on our buyer’s list.

Talk to you soon.

RehabVault Mikk

Homes in York PA for Sale

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