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Ok…NO… the house is not gay but it does happen to be located on West Gay Avenue in York PA.  Here it is for you to check out.  Once you’ve seen the VIDEO keep reading for further details.


There aren’t too many weird street names here in York but hey when I find one like this, I have to mention it in the headline don’t you think? Who knows, I may not get another cheap house in York PA on a weird street name so I’m taking full advantage.

Though the street name could be a little amusing, there’s nothing funny about the money you can make with this cheap house for sale in York PA. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a good rental property in York PA, this could be a great start to the new year.

How come you ask?

Well simply put, this York PA rental property just recently appraised for $42,000 but you can buy it for only $25,700.

That’s a 39% Discount from it’s full retail value.

If you want a great plan or idea on this one. Here goes…

Buy this home for $25,700, get a renter in there for $785/mnth and then simply go to a bank and refinance the property. Assuming it appraises for the same value it did in January of 2014 – $42,000 – you should be able to get a 80% loan to value on this one. That’s a loan of around $33,600. Assuming you only pay $25,700 for the

home, you could get your whole investment back plus some extra cash by simply refinancing the home. This is a business model that a tremendous amount of real estate investors in York PA are using.

You should definitely consider it.

The home is a pretty large 5 bdrm home with 1.5 bathrooms and has some great positive features such as:

– newer furnace
– newer water heater
– newer electric
– inspected roof
– newer windows in 80% of the home; and
– off-street parking spots for at least 3 cars ( a huge selling feature in the York PA real estate market )

As such, if you’re a serious real estate investor and looking for true wholesale real estate deals in York County PA, then this is one York PA rental property you don’t want to overlook.

The wholesale price is great and it needs very little cosmetic work and there’s solid proof that the home is worth way more than what you can buy it for.

If you want more details on this home and other wholesale real estate in York PA, make sure to Click Here ==> RehabVault.com <== and get on our VIP Buyer’s List.

See you there!

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Even in “High Heels” I can remodel this York PA Investment Property!

The VIDEO of the latest and greatest investment opportunity by Homes in York PA for Sale is below but before I reveal it I have something important to say…

Today, November 6th, 2015, I might be dressing up like a girl by wearing high heels and walking a mile in and around York City but I still know a “smoking hot” York PA investment property deal like any “MANLY” investor out there.

Now, before you get distracted with the thought of what I look like in high heels, let me take the guess work out of it for you. Here you go…

Homes in York PA for Sale owner in High HeelsYou see… I’m still pretty manly even though I wear high heels. And before your mind goes a wondering on what the heck I’m doing… I’m walking a mile in high heels today at 5pm in York City in an effort to raise money against women’s abuse.

Simply put… “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” is an international men’s march to eliminate rape, sexual assault, and other gender violence!

It’s a great event and I’m happy to be a part of it!

But enough transvestite talk for now.  Let’s get to some real estate investing in York PA business.

Today I’ve simply got a great Investment Property in York PA for you. The benefits of this rental property are super obvious once you check out the VIDEO. This cheap house in York PA is in absolutely beautiful condition and is a turn-key rental property investment.

It DOES NOT need any rehab work (even I in high heels can do that), it DOES NOT need a new rental tenant – there’s already one there with guaranteed rental income money from the government – Section 8 and it DOES NOT need a lot of cash.

Even though this rental home is super sexy and ready to go… the Wholesale Price is still kick A$$. Want to know what it is?

You must Click Here to Visit RehabVault.com and get on our Buyers List.

In the meanwhile however, you can check out the VIDEO below and then under it all the details you need. Make sure you Click the link above for Pricing on this Rental Property Investment.

Address (NEW) 36 N. Franklin Street, York PA
Bedrooms/Bath 3bdrm with Attic and 1 bath
Area/School District York City
Description Gorgeous “TurnKey” home with Section 8 tenant who keeps the place absolutely beautiful.  NO Repairs needed at all in this home.  All it needs is a new landlord who’s ready to start making some easy mailbox money.
Retail Value $45,000
Yearly Taxes $2,110
Current Occupancy Status Occupied with Section 8 Tenant
Possible Rental Rate $700-750 BUT it’s currently rented for $625 due to section 8
Entry Access Contact me Mikk for entry
YouTube VIDEO Link https://youtu.be/lTnazLutGnM
Pictures of Property https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1k2ujeKy3TzSXg0X0FxZHE3QlU
Wholesale Price Click Here to go to RehabVault.com for Price
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Coming Soon: 3 New Cheap Houses for Sale in York PA & My 40th Birthday!

3 New Cheap Houses for Sale in York PA Coming Soon

I’ve missed writing you about Cheap Homes in York PA for Sale. It seems like ages since I last wrote about York PA Real Estate deals.

Truth be told…the warm weather keeps me busying partying instead of out there hunting for York PA real estate deals.

I’d rather be out golfing or drinking beer on some nice sun-soaked deck (which is where I am right now truthfully) then traipsing around some dingy basement or cat-urine-infested home. But hey… I got to pay the bills so it’s time to get my hands dirty again and start sniffing out some cat urine and finding the next bargain real estate deals in York PA.

As much as I’d rather be out goofing around I have been busy though which is why I’m writing today.

You see…I have 3 new Cheap Rental Properties for Sale.

2 in York city and 1 in Hanover, PA.

I’m super excited about the Hanover Real Estate Bargain I found because it’s a killer deal. It’s pretty much move- in ready but you can still buy it for a HUGE discount.

2 of them will be coming tomorrow and the 3rd “probably” this weekend.

Why probably?

Well…it’s my birthday on Sunday. It’s the big 4-0 and I have a feeling I’m going to be a little hung-over Sunday.

Holy crap. I can’t believe it’s here. I still feel like a kid and act like one too.

It keeps me young I guess.

Anyway… bye for now. Sunday is right around the corner. I think I should get a head start on some partying. I’ll be starting today at 10.48 AM with my golf outing.

However, in the meanwhile, if you want to make sure you get notified when the 3 new bargain real estate deals are ready, make sure to come back to this blog or better yet, Click Here => Investment Real Estate Deals in York PA <= and get on our buyer’s list.

Talk to you soon.

RehabVault Mikk

Homes in York PA for Sale

Last York PA Rental Property SOLD in 3 hours but I have 4 more coming…

York PA Wholesale Property Sells in 3 Hours

Did you see  RehabVault’s last wholesale property in York PA? If not I’m sorry because it is now SOLD.  In fact, it sold within 3 hours of the email going out to our buyer’s list.

As such, if you’re a serious real estate investor and want access to cheap houses in York PA, you really need to get on our buyer’s list.

Over the next week or so, we’ll be offering 4 more wholesale properties in York PA.  They will range from a single family home to a 3 unit building.

All of them are already occupied with tenants so they come with instant cash flow.  In addition to instant cash flow, the properties need very little work.  One of them has also been recently remodeled which makes it a great investment property in York PA to own.

York PA Real Estate deals these days are moving very quickly so be ready to move fast and commit on these investment properties as soon as they become available.  The York County Real Estate market has already been voted as one of the best markets in the country to flip real estate so pay close attention to any real estate investments we have coming up.

I wish you the best on our next 4 real estate deals.  They’ll be coming very soon.  If you’re serious about grabbing some good real estate bargains, I suggest you get on our buyer’s list now by Clicking Here ==> RehabVault.com !

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Coming Soon! A new York PA Rental Property for only $19,000

York PA Rental Property for Only $19,000

Are you looking to buy a Bargain-Priced Rental Property in York PA?  If so… make sure you visit this site again soon because I’m about to get my hands on a couple deals.  One of them is only $19,000 and then I have another property which is rent ready which is a little more expensive but it’s turn-key rental ready now.

Make sure you come back soon!


Multi Family Investment Property! This Rental Property kicks A$$.

Multi-Family Investment Property in York PA

At last, here it is. The Multi-Family Investment Property in York PA you’ve been looking for. If you’ve seen the rental properties in York PA that I normally have, you know by now they are usually fixer upper properties. However, this is not the case for the latest rental property we are featuring. This rental home belongs to 2 investor friends of mine who have done an amazing job of remodeling the home.

The properties I typically buy and sell don’t look like this. Quite frankly, most of the time I pass on investment property like this because it just looks too damn nice. This one however I didn’t want to pass on because (1) I wanted to help my friends find the right buyer and (2) it’s so nice I just wanted to feature a kick A$$ property investment for once rather than something I have to worry about setting foot in.

As such, here it is. There is no need for you to go to any other property finder site.

As you can tell in the VIDEO below this York PA rental property is in pristine condition. It only needs 3 things.

1) a new landlord – hopefully you;


2 and 3) 2 new tenants for upstairs and downstairs.

Here are some details for you to digest on this one and if you want to see a Profit and Loss breakdown ==> Click Here to Visit RehabVault.com for Further Details <==

357 E. Philadelphia Street, York PA 17403

2 unit building. 1bdrm downstairs and 3 bdrms upstairs

Area/School District
York City

Tastefully remodelled 2 unit building in perfect “move-in/turn-key” condition. Everything you need to worry about as a new landlord is taken care of. New Roofs…New Plumbing…New Windows…New Carpet…New Kitchen…phew…how many News is that?

Retail Value
$97,000 assuming a desired cap rate of 10%

Yearly Taxes (total)
$2,100 – this is very low for this type of income-producing property. Why? These taxes must have been appealed at some time for sure!

Current Status
Vacant but “Move-In” ready for immediate occupancy of new tenants

Possible Rental Rate
$1,400/mnth or $16,800/yr – (1bd for $600 and 3bd for $800)

Entry Access
Contact me Mikk via phone/text – 717-578-9601

Wholesale Price We’re Selling At
Click Here to Access Price at RehabVault.comNOTE: we change prices sometimes so rather than list it here, you must visit my inventory site!

So there you have it.

If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right property to invest in and you were a little scared or skittish about buying a fixer upper property, this is what you’ve been waiting for. This multi-family investment property in York PA needs no work and it’s ready to go now. As far as rental properties go, this is one of the nicest ones I’ve been through in a long time.

Now I’d like to say some of mine are this nice but…crap I would by lying! These guys really did a nice job on this one.

Don’t wait to get started investing in property. Your time is now and this is the one. Thanks for checking out this Multi-Family Investment Property in York PA.

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York PA Rental Property Fixer Upper Super Cheap

York PA Rental Property

Are you looking for a York PA Rental Property to purchase. Are you OK with buying a fixer upper investment property as long as you can buy it super cheap? If yes, then you’ve definitely come to right property finder site.

It so happens that I have a great wholesale property for sale in York PA right now. The property has 4 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms. If you know anything about rental properties in York PA, you know that’s a great benefit to have. Having 2 full bathrooms is a big deal when it comes to York PA Rental Properties.

And if that isn’t enough, this rental property also comes with 3 off-street parking spots. For York PA Rental Properties this is HUGE. One of the things you hear most tenants complain about is not having off-street parking. As such, you’re in luck when it comes to this rental property because it comes with 3 private parking spots in the back.

Now… if you’re ready to see what this property looks like, check out the VIDEO below and then make sure to ==> CLICK HERE <== for further details including price and address of the property.

Just as a reminder, I never place the price of any of these rental properties in York PA on this blog because often I change the prices if I’m successful in renegotiating better prices. As such, if you’re ready to check this investment property out ==> CLICK HERE NOW FOR DETAILS <==


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Wholesale Rental Property York PA – How to Acquire Super Cash Flow Real Estate!

Wholesale Rental Property for Sale in York PA

“If you want something in life, you have to go get It”

Alright… alright…alright…

I’m stepping up my game. I just produced my first Hip Hop Video showcasing our latest Wholesale Rental Property for Sale in York PA. That’s right. I’m a bonafide record/video producer now.

You can check out this latest Rental Property for Sale and my latest Hip Hop Video all in one.

Isn’t that da bomb!

Now…don’t let my awesome Hip Hop producing skills distract from the real gold which is actually this Rental Property in York PA which has the potential for some super cash flow! It’s an amazing find.

This rental home’s retail value could and should easily be $50-$60,000 but you can buy it today…in it’s Rental Ready State with Central Air and Heating for only…

BOOM – Wholesale Price ==> nah nah nah, click Here for Details

The address of the home is 647 W. Locust Street, York PA

Nice right?

Ok enough jibber jabber. Check out both videos below. One Hip Hop and one normal YouTube. But please note, I had some technical issue with my personal camera. For some reason my video cut out. I’ll probably make another one but for speed’s sake, I decided to make you another video showcasing the home – thus the hip hop video.

“If you want something in life, you have to go get It”

Just like the Hip Hop Video says!

I haven’t had a home this nice looking in a long time for this cheap. Get in touch asap. Visit RehabVault.com now for contact details!

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Super Cheap Houses for Sale in York PA – ONLY $14,900 for this one!

Cheap Houses for Sale in York PA are more common than you think. In fact, the York PA Real Estate market is brilliant for cash flow real estate.  More and more real estate investors are learning about the York County Real Estate market.  Truth is, you can buy some really cheap properties here in York and this latest post is going to prove it to you.

Before we go any further, check out this video below.  It reveals exactly what this rental property looks like.

As you can tell, it’s not a home that’s totally beat up.  It just needs some cosmetic repairs and if you’re savvy enough to see a good deal when it whacks you in the face, you’ll really enjoy this one.  In fact, within 3 to 4 years you could have your total real estate investment back on this.

The cash flow return on this home could get you your money back within 4 years.  That’s huge!

If you’re ready to make a good financial move this year and see more properties like this, make sure you check out Rehab Vault right now for further details on this home and many others.  In fact, it you go there now, I have 2 other super cheap houses for sale.  One is $9,700 and one is $13,500.  Go ahead check it out now get access to some of the cheapest homes in york pa for sale!

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Rent to Own Home – 5bdr Large, GREAT Condition!

Finally… here’s you chance to make 2014 the year you become a homeowner!

This is a solid large 5 bdrm Brick home with a garage in a very quiet neighborhood very close to the Avenues of York and pretty much a stone’s throw away from Farquar Park. The home’s in good condition and ready to move in ASAP.

Bottom line, if you’re looking to be a homeowner but just can’t get approved for financing right now…this is a really good opportunity to get your own place and you can be in your new home within 7 – 10 days. Rent 2 Owns move a lot quicker than any other way to get a home!

And get this, by buying this home on a Rent 2 Own basis, here’s what you’ll also get:

$100 Rent Credit every month towards the purchase price (this means the price of your home comes down as you pay your rent on time – this is HUGE);
Legal Credit Repair help while you live in the home;
Down payment assistance; and
Closing Cost help for when you buy the home

If you need some more information on how this Rent 2 Own thing works, call this Toll FREE number now for a 24 hr. Recorded Message – 1-877-814-3282 x88 or for a FREE Report visit… http://Rent2OwnYork.com

You must leave your contact information after listening to the Toll FREE Recorded Message.

You can also email me @ mikk@rehabvault.com

Talk soon,

PS. I only have one home right now on a Rent 2 Own basis so make sure to get in contact with me fast if you’re serious. To get in, Toll free 1-877-814-3282 x88 for answers to your questions.

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